Friday, February 1, 2013

Who Says Size Doesn't Matter?

   I live in Alaska and I’m here to tell ya - Hell ya, size matters!

Alaska has 128 times more area covered by glaciers than all of the remaining states combined. 100,000 glaciers in all.

In the summer, in a big part of Alaska, we have 22-24 hours of sunlight. And in the winter, 22-24hrs of, nothing to do but loven, darkness.

We have 3 million lakes, and if you add in the rivers and streams, the number jumps to 6 million.

Alaska covers 586,400 sq. miles

It has 17 of the 20 highest mountains in the U.S., and 19 peaks over 14,000 ft.
Mt. McKinley, or Denali as we call it, is the highest mountain on the American Continent at 20,230 ft.

Alaska has bragging rights to 1/5 of the entire land mass of the continental U.S., and it is twice the size of poor little Texas.

It has more coastline than the entire lower 48 states at 33,000 miles. And, we have approximately three fourths of the entire world’s fresh water stored in our glaciers.

The largest gold nugget ever discovered in Alaska came from Nome in 1903. It weighed 155 Troy oz.

And of course, the very best thing about Alaska, the men way out-number the women!!!
(And what a group of men we have!)

So, the next time someone asks you 'does size really matter?' - just tell them, in Alaska it does!
 --- Maxine Mansfield 


Lynn Lovegreen said...

Yay, Alaska! :-)

Andrea Downing said...

How about a man of the month, then? Just for research purposes, of course!

Maxine Mansfield said...

Andrea, that is a wonderful sugestion! :)

LizbethSelvig said...

Great BIG post :-) Alaska probably has the largest (biggest number) of homesick visitors too. I speak from experience--once you taste the big-ness of Alaska, you're like an ex-pat for life!!

Tam Linsey said...

Great list of facts, Maxine! I think as a lifelong Alaskan, I take "big" for granted :)