Thursday, February 28, 2013

Real Men of Alaska

We thought we would try something new:

On the first Friday of each month, we'll be interviewing some of the rugged, intelligent, male specimens found in such abundance in the great State of Alaska.

Please Join us in Welcoming:

Tim, Mr. March 2013 - Real Man of Alaska

Welcome Tim, and thanks for being here today. As Romance Writers We Are Always On The Lookout For Hot Hunky Hero Types, So Please, Take A Few Minutes And Tell Us A Little About Yourself.

1: Were you born in Alaska, and if not, then how did you end up here? What do you do for a living, and what do you do for fun. (Age, height, fav. food, and any other statistics you are willing to share)

I was born in Anchorage Alaska. I have also lived in North Carolina and in California, but I moved back to Alaska because I love it here. I am 24 years old, 6 foot flat, 155lbs., my favorite food is spaghetti, and for fun I like to climb, dance, and draw still life.

2: What kind of woman appeals to you, and who do you let make the first move, you or her?

      I like a woman who is independent, intelligent, a good sense of humor, and natural beauty (low, if any, use of makeup). I like to make the first move, but at the same time I tend to be very passive, so it takes a couple of tries of increasing forwardness.

3: Where is your favorite place to take a girl on a first date, and why?

      It really depends on the girl. There is always the safe default of dinner and a movie, but why do that when you have access to a beautiful hike, or whale watching off Beluga Point, or some dance lessons? In short, I like to choose something that appeals to both of us.

4: What's the wildest experience you've had with a female companion since living in Alaska?


I have to say the wildest thing I’ve done with a female companion is something I like to call experimental dance. It’s like exploring movement possibilities and finding new ways to connect and move together.


5: Winter can be long, dark, and very cold here in Alaska. What are your favorite frosty pastime activities? And, what is the coldest temp you’ve seen/been in?


After enjoying a fresh snow I like to come inside and warm up with some hot cocoa and snuggle while watching a movie, usually under a blanket. The coldest temperature I have ever been in is -58oF, and yes, I went inside after playing in that weather to warm up with some hot cocoa.

6: And, if we ask about winter then we simply must inquire about the too short, wonderful summers. What are your favorite things to do during all those long hours of sunshine? 

I like to water ski at midnight. The lake is usually clear of traffic and smooth as glass. I also like to take advantage of the long lasting sunsets/sunrises and grab a few photos.

7: Alaskan men take their vehicles very seriously. What is your favorite mode of transportation – car, truck, snow machine, four-wheeler, airplane, skis, snowboard, etc., and why?

      My favorite form of recreational transportation is skiing. I love the feeling of racing down a hill with simple tools and remaining in control.

8: What is your favorite Alaskan animal – to see along the highway or on your dinner plate?

      My favorite Alaskan animal to see on my dinner plate is King Salmon. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

9: Have you ever wrestled a polar bear, mushed a dog team, panned for gold, eaten muktuk, done the polar bear plunge, climbed Denali, run the Mt. Marathon, or any of the other 'found only in Alaska' activities?

       I’ve done the polar bear plunge, panned for gold, eaten salmon eyes, eaten herring eggs, eaten sea weed (a common ingredient in chowder cooked at my house), climbed Mt. Marathon (out of season), and touched glacier ice.

10: In your opinion, what exactly is it that makes an Alaskan Male so wonderfully macho and appealing?

      Shouldn’t you be answering this question? If you must know, my best guess is the connectedness with an untamed nature, and the ability to survive. Then all you have to do is throw in some myths and legends.

11: What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever landed?

As far as weight, the largest I caught was a 46lb halibut. As far as length I caught a 37 inch ling cod (it‘s like a rock fish).

12: Other than making love under them, what is your favorite thing to do when the Northern Lights are out and putting on a show?

Science experiments on cosmic particles, just kidding. I just like to watch them with someone that I love, let it start a conversation and let the conversation go where ever it takes us.

13: And last but certainly not least, in your opinion, what is the most romantic thing about Alaska, and why?

      Besides the northern lights, long sunsets/sunrises, and the unbelievable scenery of Alaska?  I guess, in my opinion, it’s not really the place or individual things that are truly romantic, but how they are presented and who shows them to you. What makes the idea of Alaska romantic is the idea of being shown the wonders by someone who loves it for what it is, and you for who you are.

Well said - Thank you, Tim, for answering all of our questions and for being our very first:
Real Man of Alaska - Mr. March 2013!


Lynn Lovegreen said...

Thanks, Tim, for being our first featured Alaska man!

DeNise said...

Tim, you sound like a man worth getting to know. Thanks for being here.

Maxine Mansfield said...

Thanks Tim.. great interview

Jae Awkins said...

Men in Alaska are rugged & strong over all - nice to get to know about one via this site!
Looking forward to more interviews with REAL Alaskan men that live (& were even born!) In the biggest, wildest State in the USA. Thanks for sharing.