Monday, November 16, 2009

City Life vs. Alaska Life

Unlike some of my wonderful AKRWA friends, I'm new to Alaska. I moved here almost three years ago after fleeing my high-stress Los Angeles lifestyle. A lot of people ask me what's different about life here, so I put together this side-by-side comparison.

City life versus Alaska life

Drove adorable VW convertible beetle/Drove Subaru down a ravine

Dated dysfunctional comedians/Fell in love with a sweet-hearted carpenter

Learned how to program my TiVo/ Learned how to run a chainsaw

Avoided vicious office politics/ Avoid vicious hungry bears

Never left the house without makeup/ Hoping to take a shower this week

Favorite designer: Cynthia Rowley/ Favorite accessory: duct tape

Thought fifty degrees was a cold snap/ Would kill for fifty degrees

Kept a running tally of celebrities spotted/ Saw twenty moose the other day

Big project: organize shoe closet/Big project: dig a new outhouse

Awesome view of neighbor's driveway/Awesome view of Grewingk Glacier

Two actress/models for every guy/Two bearded eccentrics for every gal

Obsessed with losing weight/Hey, that extra fat layer's for survival

I could go on and on. So many things in my life have changed, but the only really important one is number two. My sweetie. I'd live anywhere with him, and I think I'm proving that on a daily basis. (See: outhouse.)

So yes, life in Alaska can be challenging, but when you wake up to this...'s all worth it.



Lynn Lovegreen said...

Yes, you captured it in a nutshell! Many of us live in the city of Anchorage and don't have to dig our own outhouses, but we still deal with the duct tape, moose and the gorgeous views. I wouldn't trade my Alaska life for anything.

Juniper Bell said...

Lynn, of course you're absolutely right, most Alaskans don't have outhouses ... I'm one of the lucky ones! LOL
But Alaska must be the only place where there are "Outhouse Races". !!