Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh my goodness, my blog is due...

 Here I am writing this blog in the final hours before it’s due.
As a member of the Alaska Chapter of RWA I volunteer to contribute blogs two or three times a year for our chapter website. Several of our fabulous members take turns writing the blog. I don’t usually wait till the last minute. I actually have a list with snippets of blog ideas. But this week got away from me and I came home from my trip and wrote this down. 
Today I drove out to Kenai and dip netted for a few hours had lunch and drove back to Anchorage. I didn’t get one fish. My friends that are staying the night there just texted me to let me know the fish were hitting. I missed the run.

 But this is okay, because I had a blast in the water, being with friends and family, chatting people up and seeing children gleefully playing in the waves. The drive is one of the most magnificent journeys in the world. In fact many drives, hikes, bikes, climbs and boat trips in this state are breathtaking. The mountains of Alaska are like none other, indescribable in their magnificence. So though I caught no fish I still had a great day with fantastic company.
I came home ate dinner, spent time with my husband, took a much needed hot shower, cleaned up the kitchen a little bit and sat down to write this blog.  And now I just came back from taking a little break to put new soap in the shower because we were out and I had to use shampoo like a body wash (boy do I smell good now). I had to rummage around before I procured the Pineapple scented soap I put in there for tomorrow. 
Then I had to do my ten-minute meditation, which is part of a thirty-day challenge I am doing with one of my oldest and dearest friends who lives in Fairbanks. This is something I will blog about next time because I believe meditation is an excellent thing to cultivate and we are helping each other meet our goal by checking in via text.
My husband came home from work the other day and asked me if I had taken care of something. My response was I ran out of time. He then said - do we really run out of time? That is an odd turn of phrase.  We got into a conversation about the illusion of time. (I love me some deep conversations.)
As you can tell from reading this blog, I really need to shore up my time management skills. I have a lot of reading to do for school, I need to re-organize my house, like yesterday.

 My darling cat Ming just came in hungry and I spent time feeding him, petting him and enjoying his wonderfulness. I could go on and on about the minutiae of my day but I’d rather not continue to bore you with the grocery list of life we all deal with. What I would rather have you do is stop and enjoy the ride.
One of my other dearest pals just had knee replacement surgery. She has suffered for over a year with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis. The knee replacement has given her a new lease on life. She is working hard at Physical therapy and walking better than she has in years. The other day she told me that she looks around at people and thinks, do they know how precious time is?
She has her bucket list going and we just added in Sri Lanka because I told her about the Duran Duran video, Save a Prayer, being filmed there. Because she is over a decade younger than me she was not acquainted with this video. We chuckled about the 1980s fashion and I told her they were proponents of that look; eyeliner, lipstick, suits and gelled up hair. Indeed that video is shot in a gorgeous locale of beautiful beaches and giant reclining Buddhas.
When will we get to Sri Lanka? Well it won’t be tomorrow and it probably won’t be next year as she has a long dreamed of trip to South Africa to ride a motorcycle to some amazing waterfall. Also I need to keep on track with school and work on my time management skills.
Things are always a little more hectic in Alaska during our fantastic summers. I hate to leave this place during this time of year because it is so magical and wonderful. Standing in a river wearing your chest waiters is like a time machine, a few hours can seem like one, or one hour seems like four, depending on your day. It’s the same with hiking, biking, driving and boating.
Thank you so much for the time you took to read this blog and if you’d like to check out my Facebook page, (I need to get in there and make new posts one of these days.)

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Lynn Lovegreen said...

Kudos to you for the meditation challenge, Carmen--it is a great way to "be in the moment" and make sure you're enjoying life. Wish I had been there for the conversation about running out of time. I never really thought about that phrase before!