Friday, November 1, 2013

Real Men of Alaska

Mr. November 2013


As Romance Writers, we are always on the lookout for Hot Hunky Hero Types. This month we welcome Seth.

Here is what Mr. November 2013 has to say:

First, some basics:

Were you born in Alaska, and if not, then how did you end up here - how long have you been here?

What do you do for a living, and what do you do for fun.

Age, height, favorite food, and any other statistics you are willing to share.

(Just remember, we are a PG 13 site & blush easily) J

I was born in Alaska, raised in Alaska - 25 years.

I am a gunsmith - playing with fire, going to a range, mostly outdoorsy stuff.

I am 25, 150 lbs and 5'11.

What kind of woman appeals to you, and why?

Gun-loving German women.

Where is your favorite place to take a girl on a first date, and why?

Gold mines up in Hatcher's pass.

What's the wildest thing you've ever done in Alaska since you’ve lived here?

It's a tie between: falling into a frozen river and living - and driving a doorless jeep cherokee.

Winter can be long, dark, and very cold here in Alaska. What are your favorite frosty pastime activities? (not counting the obvious of course.)

And, what is the coldest temp you’ve seen/been in?

Watching movies , playing games, working on my rifles, and the coldest I have seen was -40.

And, if we ask about winter then we simply must inquire about the too short, wonderful summers. What are your favorite things to do during all those long hours of sunshine?

Being outside working, out at any rifle range long enough to accommodate my guns.

Alaskan men take their vehicles very seriously. What is your favorite mode of transportation – car, truck, snow machine, four-wheeler, etc., and why?

Ural Motorcycle and Ural 4320 6x6 truck.

What is your favorite Alaskan animal – to see along the highway or on your dinner plate?

Bear, on both counts, very tasty.

What exactly is it that makes an Alaskan Male so wonderfully macho and appealing?

We do things on our own, and make things happen that people don't believe, even when they see it.

What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever landed?

18 inch red salmon, no idea on weight.

Other than making love under them, what is your favorite thing to do when the Northern Lights out and putting on a show?

Chill by a warm fire and enjoy the show.

And last, but certainly not least in your opinion, what is the most romantic thing about Alaska, and why?

The privacy we enjoy, very easily.

Our Thanks to Seth for this interview and his candid answers!

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Until next time...keep your fire burning!


Lynn Lovegreen said...

I've had bear chili, and it is tasty! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Seth, very nice to meet you.

Angelina Barbin said...

Nice to meet you Seth. Yes, Alaskan men do get things done.:)