Friday, September 6, 2013

Real Men of Alaska
Mr. September 2013

As Romance Writers we're always on the lookout for Hot Hunky Hero Types. So, this month we're going to hear what BRANDON is all about:

Here are some questions that we asked Brandon, and his answers follow, so sit back and get to know him.
(Brandon, remember we are a PG 13 site and blush easily).

What kind of woman appeals to you, and who do you let make the first move, you or her?

   Fun loving, nerdy, a good sense of humor - the kind that can put up with my ...bad puns, either way.

Where is your favorite place to take a girl on a first date, and why?

   Why, the mall of course! We can get to know each other better - and I can find out what kind of stuff she likes.  

What's the wildest thing you've ever done, other than...well, you know...with a female companion since living in Alaska?

   Hmmm...I punched a moose once - he snuck up on me. (True story!)
Winter can be long, dark...and very cold here in Alaska. What are your favorite frosty pastime activities (not counting the obvious, of course - remember the PG 13 rating) ...and, what is the coldest temp you’ve seen/been in?  

     During the dark, cold parts of the year I like to curl up and watch TV shows I missed during the summer - enjoying some tea and spending time with my loved ones.

And, if we ask about winter then we simply must inquire about the too short, wonderful summers. What are your favorite things to do during all those long hours of sunshine?
   I really enjoying the sunlight, spending time outside.
Alaskan men take their vehicles very seriously. What is your favorite mode of transportation – car, truck, snow machine, four-wheeler, airplane, skis, snowboard, etc...and why?

   Ah...a blimp? Yes, that would be fine with me. Why, you ask? Because it would just be awesome.

What is your favorite Alaskan animal – to see along the highway or on your dinner plate?

   Along the highway...birds - any kind of bird. On my plate - no, thank you.

Have you ever wrestled a polar bear, mushed a dog team, panned for gold, eaten muktuk, done the polar bear plunge, climbed Denali, run the Mt. Marathon, or any of the other, found only in Alaska, activities?  

   Eaten muktuk...I have done that - not something I would like to try again - and I have ran outside in knee deep snow, in my boxers.  

In your opinion, what exactly is it that makes an Alaskan Male so wonderfully macho and appealing?

   It might be the cold. It might be that we all drive moose to work. Who knows? My guess is the chest hair!

Other than making love under them, what is your favorite thing to do when the Northern Lights are out and putting on a show?

     Get photos of them! (Sometimes I just sit there and watch)

And last, but certainly not least:
In your opinion, what is the most romantic thing about Alaska, and why?  

   The sunsets, and the mountains. I love it when it the sun is setting and the sky is blooming with reds and pinks. It's very relaxing. (Or moose poop...cauz it’s all natural.)
 Our Thanks to Brandon for this candid interview!
On the first Friday of each month we'll have a new Alaska Man for you - watch for Mr. October!
See you next time...

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