Saturday, May 4, 2013

Real Men of Alaska - Mr. May 2013



 As Romance Writers
we are 
 always on the lookout for 
  Hunky Hero Types  
     So, here's BEN     
  to tell us a little bit  
      about himself...    
    BEN, Welcome to the AKRWA Blog Site    
   Please answer the following questions ---  
 --- what are REAL MEN Of ALASKA like?  
 1: Were you born in Alaska, and if not, then how did you end up here? What do you do for a living, and what do you do for fun. Age, height, fav. food, and any other statistics you are willing to share. (just remember - we are a PG 13 site and blush easily)  
     I was born in Wyoming. I was a flight paramedic. Right now, I’m in school to be a Physician’s Assistant. I’m 6 foot 5 inches, weigh 220, and I was a WYO state swim champ. I work out, and all of that means I have a six pack, ladies.
 2: What kind of woman appeals to you, and who do you let make the first move, you or her?  
     I’m physically active, and I really like a woman who can participate in my lifestyle. And who cares who makes the first move as long as it’s made!
 3: Where's your favorite place to take a girl on a first date?  
     Really classy restaurant (need he say more?)
 4: What's the wildest thing you've ever done with a female companion since living in Alaska?    
     Sky diving

 5: Winter can be long, dark, and very cold here in Alaska. What are your favorite frosty pastime activities ( - and what is the coldest temp you’ve seen/been in?  
     Snow machining, cross-country skiing, snow boarding.
As a paramedic, I’ve been stationed in Barrow, Alaska in the winter. I saw temp of 40 below zero.
 6: And, if we ask about winter then we simply must inquire about the too short, wonderful summers. What are your favorite things to do during all those long hours of sunshine?   
     Go boating. I wake board, jet ski, waterski, hike, take my dog and run.
 7: Alaskan men take their vehicles very seriously. What is your favorite mode of transportation – car, truck, snow machine, four-wheeler, airplane, skis, snowboard, etc., and why? 
I really love driving my Corvette convertible, but I also loved flying in the Light Flight helicopter.

 8: What is your favorite Alaskan animal to see along the highway - Or on your dinner plate?  
     Wolf. Hands down.
 9: Have you ever wrestled a polar bear, mushed a dog team, panned for gold, eaten muktuk, done the polar bear plunge, climbed Denali, run the Mt. Marathon, or any of the other, found only in Alaska, activities?   
     Oh, I’ve done the polar bear plunge.

 10: In your opinion, what exactly IS it that makes an Alaskan Male so wonderfully macho and appealing?  

         We just ARE          
   macho and appealing   
   (Come up and check)   
 11: Other than making love under them, what is your favorite thing to do when the Northern Lights are out and putting on a show?   
Watch them!
 12: And last but certainly not least, in your opinion, what is the most romantic thing about Alaska, and why?  
     Well heck - that’s got to be cold, dark, long winter nights...
  ...and really nice fireplaces.   
Thank you, Ben. We appreciate your candor and honesty.

To our Readers - please join us the first week of each month for another interview with REAL ALASKAN MEN -thanks for following us!


Lynn Lovegreen said...

Great interview, Ben! Have fun on your boat this summer!

Jae Awkins said...

Pretty interesting - can't wait to see more of the Real Alaska Men series!
(I just read the articles - NOT for the Hunky photos...yeah... ;o)

DeNise said...

Thank you, Ben. I'ts great to get to know you better.