Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon

No words can possibly describe the feelings we all feel facing yet another terrorist attack in the United States. The latest report (at the time I’m penning this) claims 3 people died and over 130 injured. So many thoughts are racing through my mind… I’m angry—heartbroken—and surely not surprised. And ever-thankful it wasn’t more catastrophic. I have family and friends in New England, some only a few miles from Boston.

They’re all accounted for.  

Started in 1897, the Boston Marathon is an iconic event attracting athletes from all over the world. Locals and tourists gather to support participants and simply to enjoy the race. It’s a wonderful event and demonstrates the spirit of competition and freedom we appreciate in America. Also, it’s important to remember it was Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts.

I’m terribly sentimental and very patriotic, and I’m reminded of a quote by Abraham Lincoln.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

In the days to follow, please remember we are united in spirit. Regardless of political affiliation, religious belief, creed, race, or sex we are Americans first. Resilient. Brave. Noble. Tough. We forgive where forgiveness is warranted. Wait when patience is required. Unite when tragedy occurs. And answer injustice with unprecedented force.

Flawed as we are, that’s America.

So I ask you to remember the people whose lives were lost or devastated by this attack. Hug your family members and friends. Pray or meditate. And always remember… no one can divide us.  

--- Violetta Rand


Lynn Lovegreen said...

That's right, we will stay strong. The #runforboston movement is a good sign of this.

Anonymous said...

America=Hornet's nest
Poke us with a stick and you can't run fast enough.