Friday, March 29, 2013


Okay.  Two days ago I actually asked the DH if we could go to the hardware store.  He was fixing one of the toilets (it was leaking and he’s got plumber on his resume).  So…I asked while he was working.  I was actually thinking it would be nice to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE for a bit – even if it was to the hardware store. 
But no.  He looked at me strangely and then went and found the parts he needed from his man-cave in the garage – and handled the fix.  Great.
Now.  He knows I am un-fond of the hardware store.  At anytime.  I’ve been known to get hives and run from the area if he takes too long looking at screws, or nuts, or bolts, or whatever. And he had me assist with picking out a faucet last year?  Ahhhh!  The only thing I buy from there is duct tape.  I have a great collection.  I use it to seal the sides of my fabric as I cross-stitch.  It’s quicker than sewing a baste stitch on it.  And looks kind-a cool.  I keep it on top the hutch.
You know what the real trouble is: 

See…I retired from my old day job. I stay home now and pretty much do a lot of busy work so I can avoid housework. It’s just me and the pets. How dusty can it be? Right?

And I have lots of interesting things to do I take care of the pets. I water and talk to the plants. I move from project to project throughout the day: stitching (by hand), crocheting (I use one basic stitch), sometimes I draw (rarely anymore)


I’ve been known to knit occasionally (when my arm hurts too much from the other stuff.  I’m that slow at knitting), and I also play a fairly decent bit of tunes on my old piano.  I also have a cello, but I’ve only played it…uh let’s see.  Can it really only be four times?  (Yikes!)  I also have an exercise room, but the less said about that, the better.  (I do use the weight machine to hang the large comforters on when I’ve laundered them) 

Oh.  One more thing.  I write romance.  I finished and sent in another historical to Kensington in New York.  It’s called Laird Ballanclaire.  It’ll be out in October.  I also self-publish a series called the Vampire Assassin league,   which means I’m also marketing, promotion, publisher, cover design approval, blurb writer, shipping department, contest entry department, street team moderator…etc.  etc. 
All this means is I have a lot to do to keep busy throughout the long, dark, cold, monotonous cold, dark, long Alaskan winter.  Did I mention how long the winter is up here? 

 And how cooped up we start to feel – despite all the busy stuff?  Oh.  I do get out.  I walk my dog(s).  The lab gets three walks a day.  Over a mile distance and an hour in time total.  In any weather.   The Boston Terrier only goes along if the weather is perfect – and he’s been wanting to go lately because there’s so much sunlight coming in the windows.  So, he’s been strapped into his harness and locked into his leash and about two minutes later, he’s ready to go back.  And because he’s super spoiled, he gets to.  Know why?


Even the dogs are feeling it.  Where the heck is spring anyway?  Even 30 degrees would be nice.  The sun stays up a decent amount of time anymore.  It doesn’t get dark until after 9:00 pm up here, and it’s light about 6 am.  But is it warm?  No.  It’s sub-zero with new snowfall.  My truck is still half-buried with snow.  Here is a picture of conditions during out morning walk yesterday.  Gorgeous sunrise coming.  March 27th.  Geez.  Look at all that snow.  It’s almost APRIL.  
I suppose I could try my hand at baking sweet rolls or something.  Maybe cookies.  I’ve got to do something to pass the time - that isn’t cleaning house.  I’m not spring cleaning until the weather cooperates.  Let’s see…I’ve got pans.  An oven.  Eggs.  Flour.  Sugar.  No.  Wait.  I’d eat it.  And then I’d have to use that exercise equipment.  I’ll just go work on my daisy cross-stitch.
And think warm thoughts.

Thanks for listening,

--- Jackie Ivie



Maxine Mansfield said...

I'm with you... I'll be soooooooooooo glad when summer is hhere :)

Morgan O'Reilly said...

I'm plotting and planning my garden while dreaming of long sunny days. Tam Linsey, with all her gardening expertise, is lending me assistance. I'm so ready for green, growing things!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Yes, I find this time of year the most difficult. (The sun's out more, why do we still have snow?) There's a reason many Alaskans go to Hawaii in March. For the rest of us, we just try to keep busy and not think about it too much.

Violetta Rand said...

Snow, snow go away... I feel it, too. Even in the big city. I look out the window and its snowing, I look again a few minutes later the sun appears. I want to curl my toes in the grass.