Friday, October 14, 2011

The Theme is Travel

In the near future, I've got plane trips and blog tours. It's enough to send me into a tizzy. What has to be done before I leave for Mexico next week? Two weeks in Puerto Vallarta, lounging about breathing in the sea air, storing up Vit D the natural way, and doing my best to just hang loose.

And yes, I'll be taking my laptop. The mini one. I'm torn between hoping there's readily available internet or praying there isn't. After all, what better excuse to totally goof off? Sorry, but I just can't get to the internet easily.

Part of my goal is to get a really good handle on the next book in a series I'm writing. Maybe even start another one. But even more pressing, the day after I return I have a new release!

November 7 is the debut of my long awaited Romantic Suspense novel, Rachel Dahlrumple, by Shea McMaster. (That would be Morgan's sweeter side. The good twin, as it were.)

November 7 also is the launch date of a two week blog tour, celebrating the release of Rachel Dahlrumple. Or Rachel as the book is affectionately known.

So here's the schedule. There will be a quiz later, and I'll be asking for people to drop by.
As of this time, I'm only about half done writing the blogs. The interviews are done and I've only just begun to gather things to pack for my trip.
With all this traveling in the near future, both live and digitally, I'm feeling a bit frazzled and have started a check list.
  • Snow tires on car. Check. (It will snow any day now. Any day. There were ice crystals falling from the sky yesterday.)
  • Swimsuit, cover-up and hat - because I'm a red head who has been hiding from the sun for the past 6 years - Check.
  • Launch tour dates set. Check.
  • Sunscreen. Still need to buy.
  • Books for trip, both paperback and ebook. Almost check. Have the first four books of the Game of Thrones to read, in addition to several other selections.
  • Interviews written. Check.
  • Sandals and flip flops ready. Check.
  • Shorts and tops. Check.
  • Sundresses. Check.
  • Blogs written. Well, two down... not even close to check.
Ah, the list, it never ever ends. How do you cope with traveling? I do it so rarely, it's all one big adventure until I get to the airport. Lines. Pat downs. Worrying about what will be stolen from my suitcase once it leaves my hand. Long, long, long hours of sitting. Twenty hours from start to destination, if there are no delays.
Here's hoping the destination is worth the journey!
Morgan O'Reilly / Shea McMaster


Anonymous said...

Yay! Vitamin D and Congratulations on Rachel meeting the world. Sounds like you do need a vacation, busy girl.

Morgan O'Reilly said...

TY Anonymous! Seems strange writing that LOL.

Yes, I'm very excited these days.

Tam Linsey said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip. And for the release of Rachel! Sounds like you have all your plans lined up, so I'm sure you will manage everything just fine. use that 20 hours of travel time to write some more :)

J. Morgan said...

I am available for a pool boy position if you need company.

Morgan O'Reilly said...

Tam, I have plenty to read while flying, plus a knitting project. But I will write. Possibly a book set in Puerto Vallarta so I can write off the trip as research!

Jmo, You're always my number one choice for pool boy. Will keep an eye out for a serape.

Pauline Trent said...

It all sounds so very wonderful. Enjoy every minute and every stop (virtual and otherwise). For the most part, I live on the road, so I had to get used to travel years ago. Even so, there are times when it is more of an adventure than others. Wear comfortable shoes you don't need to tie or untie and pack your sense of humor in your carry-on. It'll all be great!

DeNise said...

Have fun. If your trip is anything like mine you'll come home to rest up.