Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Aspire

I remember reading an interview with a Romance Author, in which she stated that a Fan came up to her and Thanked her profusely for a book the author had written. The reason for the gratitude was that the Fan had read this book, while she sat by her child’s bedside as they recovered from injuries sustained in a car crash. The child pulled through with flying colors and the Fan was able to abate her anxiety by reading this author’s book.

I aspire to write a book such as this, a story that will give someone out there, sitting beside a loved one in a hospital bed, solace. Someone who hasn’t slept for days and is praying for those they love to have peace or healing. Perhaps some poor mother who is holding her child’s tiny hand and feels as if her heart is being squeezed like a sponge, because there is nothing she can do but wait and read and wait. A book that a girlfriend reads to her best friend, who recuperates and they can laugh and cry together. A book that can make those sometimes painful and sometimes cherished, hours fly by like a morning bird in flight.

I continue to work towards improving my writing with education, life experience, reading other good books and one of the best critique groups on the planet. I aspire to write this book one day.



Lynn Lovegreen said...

That is beautiful, Carmen, and I am confident you will write that book and publish it one day.

Sometimes writers get so caught up in the "rules" about how to write to catch the publisher's eye or write the next best-seller or whatever that we forget why we really want to write. Like you, I want to write a book that means something, that can touch a reader's heart or help them through a certain point in his or her life. Thank you for reminding me of that.

Tam Linsey said...

That's what I want to write, too. What I think of as a book for the "keeper shelf."