Friday, January 14, 2011

Writing as a Refuge

I take refuge in my writing. During difficult times writing has offered me a place to lose myself, a place where I lock in and focus to the point of losing track of time. Other things effect me this way; time in the dark room developing photographs, a bike ride on a beautiful Summer day, spending time with those I love in mirthful fits of giggling, watching an amazing film. However, those things are not always available to me. Writing is accessible. It's in my house, on my computer, and in my brain.
I must admit corporate writing doesn't give me the same escape as fictional writing. Business writing has its own reward of a job well done. Knowing that your little spin on something might be the selling point that people will remember and take with them. fiction writing offers an escape to another world far away from everyday life. Of course most of the fiction I write is historic, although I do have one set in the future, I have a time travel and a Super Hero story set in contemporary times.
Of late, my current escape is revising an Amazon war story set in ancient times. Does that ever take me out of the real world, to a culture where women were expert in their horsemanship, fierce warriors able to take down Kings. There will be no moment when one of my Amazon characters has to balance a checkbook, fill out a timesheet, call to make an appointment, or have a run in their hose. No, my amazons are occupied in a battle that will offer protection to their future generations. They are dashingly confident, intelligent, cunning, resourceful, and wise. Their culture is rich in stories and rites. They own themselves and belong to their ancestors and their destinies.
So, that is my latest escape at the end of a difficult day. I can roost on the shoulders of these characters and watch the life I create for them, unfurl.



Tamera Lynn said...

I'm with you! I love the escape of a good book, and when the characters you are writing sweep you away, it's even better.

LizbethSelvig said...

Very well said, Carmen. I think this is why we all write, or at least why we started writing. It's a true gift to be able to use this talent we all have as a refuge and escape!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

You stated that beautifully, Carmen. I love that last line, "I can roost on the shoulders of these characters and watch the life I create for them, unfurl." That is my attraction to writing too. And it is a great way to escape our own mundane or difficult lives when we need a break. Another thing I find when reading or writing is inspiration: if that character can handle that situation, then surely I can handle mine.

Can't wait to read the Amazon novel, have fun with it!

Boone Brux said...

Great blog, Carmen. Escapism, my favorite drug:)

DeNise said...

Great Blog, Carmen. I need a time-clock with punch in/punch out for escape. Instead of Punch in/punch out for the job.

Karen McCullough said...

You're so right, Carm! That feeling of escape, of immersing ourselves in some other life or world is one of the great rewards of writing.

Cierra James said...

Loved your blog. Yes, I write for escape but also for joy. Along the way I usually learn something that makes me feel young again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, to all my writing buddies.