Friday, July 23, 2010

You're Live in Three, Two, One ...

As I write this, my hands are shaking, my heart is flopping like a flounder, and I can’t catch my breath. I just did something I’ve never done before. I did a Live Radio Interview.


See, I’m one of those “introverts” who panics when I’m in the spotlight. Sitting at the computer and writing comes naturally. Promoting my book online is a challenge. Actually talking to someone on the radio about it … Holy Freakout, Batman!

But I have a book coming out on July 28, and Tom Randell of Radio Kenai, KWHQ 100.1 FM, contacted me and offered the interview, so how could I say no? I agreed, and then fretted for several weeks as the appointed day came closer. I write erotic romance …. His audience ranges from age 2 to 90. Could I keep the content appropriate? How can I talk about my books without shocking anyone? Will Alaskans drive me from the state once the word is out? (Okay, I exaggerate, but hey, I’m a writer.) By the time of the interview, I’d worked myself to the edge of a nervous breakdown.

(Did I mention I’m a writer, with a tendency to exaggerate?)

I watched the minutes tick away, then there was Tom on the phone, telling me a song was playing and I’d be up in one minute and fifty-two seconds. And then there I was, on the air. Juniper Bell being introduced to the audience of one of the top radio hosts in the state. This is him. Not too scary, right?

And that’s when I realized I’d forgotten something. Tom Randell is a professional. He knows how to make the conversation flow, how to move smoothly to a new topic, how to make you sound good (or better, anyway). He’d been to my website, he knew about my books, he knew about my upcoming release. Before I knew it we were chatting about digital books, the rise of e-readers, the popularity of ménage stories, and other fascinating topics. I had to keep telling myself to slow down because I tend to talk too fast when I’m under pressure. The interview went so fast and painlessly. And I learned a lot in that short span of time.

1. Slow down.
2. Smile, even though they can’t see you. It helps you to sound positive and fun.
3. If you don’t feel confident, fake it.
4. Keep the audience in mind. Looking back, I wish I hadn’t said anything bad about the cool weather we’re having here on the Kenai peninsula. The listeners are Alaskans, so don’t knock Alaska.
5. Have my “elevator pitch” ready! As silly as it sounds, I hadn’t rehearsed my one or two line pitch for My Three Lords. This was a very good reminder as I get ready for the RWA conference in Orlando.
6. Relax and enjoy.

So there you have it. I survived my first radio interview, thanks to Tom Randell. He even invited me back for my next book release. Now, back to my regularly scheduled programming.

My Three Lords will be released on July 28 from Ellora's Cave Publishing. You can read the blurb and an excerpt at my website.

Juniper Bell


Boone Brux said...

Wow, you did great Juniper. And fab advice for all of us following in your footsteps. I don't know if I'll ever truly be comfortable with self-promotion, but your tips will certainly help me fake it.

Great post. And gee I love your cover. Time to wipe the drool off the keyboard.

Boone Brux

Lynn Lovegreen said...

I'd be nervous too, but sounds like you handled yourself well, with a little help from a professional in the business.:-)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I could just see you giving your interview! Good job on that.
I tried to comment on this before, but had an epic fail. Blogger doesn't like me or something, it's a common problem.
Veronica Who Isn't Anonymous, But Who "Blogger" Doesn't like.