Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Releases/Tummy Tremors

You probably know about the Alaska Heat Wave…we’ve got 4 authors with new releases within about 10 days. Two debut authors (Kianna Alexander and Juniper Bell) and two of us who’ve done this before (Shea McMaster and me!).

Soon it will be my turn.

Maxwell’s Fall
comes out August 26 from Ellora’s Cave (don’t you love the slick bit of shameless self-promotion I nudged in there unnoticed?). Maxwell’s Fall will be my 24th story Ellora’s Cave has published and you know, my stomach still gets in little knots on release day. For some reason, I assumed it would become old news…ho-hum, another book came out today. Hasn’t happened yet. Each time I have a new release, I sit at my computer waiting for people to write and say they bought it, read it in one sitting and loved it. (It’s my fantasy and I like to dream big!). Or, heaven forbid, they write to say “it’s not as good as _______” (insert book title here).

That’s the part that makes my stomach tremble. Okay, it hasn’t happened (yet!) but I’m an author. I think we’re insecure by nature. It’s part of the job description, right?

Which means that most authors are probably sitting at the computer on release day wondering who is buying their book and what will they think. So I guess I’ll just join the crowd…tap, tap, tapping on my keyboard waiting for the world to respond.

Don’t forget…Maxwell’s Fall comes out on Wednesday (I’m not even trying to slip that one by you). It’s a sequel to New Year’s Kiss and Summer’s Caress, m/m/f werewolf romance. You met the twins in Summer’s Caress. Max goes to Alaska to check on his brother (Jax) and winds up involved with his brother’s woman. And best friend. It’s really quite fun. Go to for more information or check it out on the Coming Soon page of Jasmine-Jade. (

And don’t forget to sign up for the Alaska Heat Wave contest. You could win a free ebook from one of the four authors. Send an email to to enter! And check out Maxwell’s Fall on Wednesday!

Have fun!


Morgan O'Reilly said...

I'll be one of those following the Buy Link on Wednesday! I may be one of the authors in the promo, but I'm also a Tielle St. Clare Fan!

Saman said...

im Saman
i saw your blog
i found it from goodreads
your blog was fantastic

V said...

I've had so much fun learning about your Romance Chapter the last couple of days. I mentioned your group in my first blog ever under a section called Romance Light. It's a spotlight oon something I found interesting in the Romance Industry. Continued good luck to you and your chapter.